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Charcoal and DE

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Aloe vera contains a series of chemical compounds from the family of phenols, particularly anthraquinones. The most common of them is Aloin. These compounds have a potent laxative effect when ingested, so the allowed amounts in finished products is small. The origin of these compounds is the rind of the leaf, being completely absent in the inner fillet gel. Even though inner fillet gel is being produced, contamination with anthaquinones coming from the rind is virtually impossible, and in the case of whole leaf aloe, the amount of antraquinones is very high. The amount of these compounds needs to be controlled and one very effective way by using activated charcoal. This can be accomplished by adding activated charcoal to a tank and then removing the charcoal by filtration or by pumping the liquid thru a column that contains the activated charcoal.

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