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Reasons for Selection

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Processor or Kettle:

The cheapest option and the option that requires the least floor space. This utilizes a jacketed tank for heating/cooling for a full range of products. Agitation can be from minimal to surface scraped. This option is used on a batch production basis.

Plate Heat Exchanger (liquid/liquid):

The most efficient option and normally the cheapest option. Normally can only handle liquids with less than 7% of pulp and viscosities less than 20,000 cPs.

Tube in Tube Heat Exchanger (liquid/liquid; liquid/steam):

An inexpensive option that can handle liquids with high solids (30 to 40%) with maximum size range of particulates at 0.125 to .5 in diameter if pressure conditions allow and high viscosities.

Triple tube (liquid/liquid; liquid/steam):

Can utilize regeneration and can handle liquids with low solids (5 to 10%) in suspension.

Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger (liquid/liquid; liquid/steam):

Restricted to solutions with low solids contents and viscosities under 10,000 cPs.

Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger (liquid/liquid; liquid/steam ):

For high viscosity (up to 100,000 cPs) solids whose contents are greater than 75% of normal and particulates up to 1 maximum. For complex or sensitive products that require gentile processing.

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