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Soak Tank

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Positive Pump

This is the first station for the Aloe as it arrives to the Processing Plant. Most companies use a large pool filled with potable water. This could also be untreated well water. The purpose for this initial tank is to soften and partially release foreign particles and dirt from the surface of the leaves.

There are several options on how to operate this first station:

  1. Just immersion: Here the Aloe leaves are just dumped into the water with no further action, they could then be manually removed out of the vat or mechanically by means of a conveyor.
  2. Forced agitation: This is a variation in which the tank has high pressure water jets that create a whirlpool in the soaking tank. The advantage of using this system is that dirt and other foreign material is removed in a more efficient way.
  3. Manual brushing: Here leaves are hand picked and brushed as they are pulled out of the soaking tank, then they are placed into a conveyor. The advantage of this type of treatment is that it is very gentle on the leaves, and removal of dirt and foreign material is optimal. Also, this can work as an inspection/rejection point. The downside is the higher labor cost.

Soak Tank product information is available in our equipment catalog.

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