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The Aloe concentrate most marketed today is the powder form. This product is known as 200X powder from aloe inner gel fillets or 100X powder from whole leaf aloe. Final evaporation must also be performed at low temperature to preserve the natural components of Aloe. This is especially important once the aloe solids become more concentrated since they are more suitable to chemically react between each other.

Spray dryers work by converting the Aloe concentrate into a very fine mist of droplets. The droplets form in a conical shaped chamber when the concentrate encounters flow of warm dry air. This then causes the drops to become so small that it increases the surface to volume ratio of the drop facilitating evaporation. The droplets are suspended inside the chamber until they become more dense due to the evaporation. They then fall to the bottom of the chamber in a powder form and collected.

Two types of devices are currently used to make the fine mist of droplets. One is a very high pressure valve in which the liquid is force by pressure (2000psi) to go through a very small orifice which causes the liquid to spray out in a very fine mist. The other consists of a rotating disk on which a stream of liquid is dropped. The centrifugal force of the spinning disk then jets out the liquid, converting it into a fine mist. Rotation of the disk must be very fast, 10,000 rpm typically. Most disks use an air driven turbine to do this.

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