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Agitated Jacketed Tanks

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Jacketed Tanks A jacketed tank is a tank with an outer jacket designed to contain heating or cooling media. Product is heated or cooled while being mixed, blended or agitated. A dimple jacketed tank utilizes a simple heat transfer element. First, the heating element is created by pressing a dimpled profile into a flat sheet of stainless steel. This dimpled sheet, referred to as an embossing, is then spot welded to the non contact side of a stainless steel tank to create a flow passage for the heating or cooling media. The end result is a fully welded heat transfer element that is extremely thin (approximately " overall thickness). The coils can remain exposed, or they can be covered with an insulation material and then covered with a sheet of stainless steel. Jacketed tanks are not thermally efficient and they cannot be used in a continuous operation.

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