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Triple Tube Heat Exchanger

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Triple Tube Heat Exchanger

Triple tube heat exchangers are designed with three concentrically mounted tubes. For heat transfer applications, the heating or cooling medium flows through the space between the inside and outside tubes while product travels in the opposite direction through the middle tube.

For sanitary regeneration applications, your heated product flows in one direction through the space in the inside and outside tubes while your cooled product travels in the opposite direction through the middle tube. Compared to traditional indirect regenerators the triple tube requires about one half of the surface area which in turn requires less heat exchangers, less floor space, and faster cooling of the product on the hot side of the system, decreasing heat damage due to shorter times in residence.

Plate heat exchangers have been using direct regeneration for many years for milk pasteurization. Regeneration is an efficient, safe and proven method for processing. A valuable option is using a triple tube system for direct regeneration. A triple tube heat exchanger provides a good amount of surface area as heat transfer takes place on all three tubes.

Advantages of triple tube heat exchangers is that they have the ability to process viscous and high pulp products, and that they are manufactured to sanitary standards on both the product and media side so they can be used as a direct regenerator.

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