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Single Shell Roto Louvre Dryer Package

Single Shell Roto Louvre Dryer Package
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Stock No: SGMPM046.115 Serial No:
Single Shell Rotary Louvre Dryer Package. Roto-Louvre Dryers are used to dry or roast products for the food, chemical or mineral industries. This Roto-Louvre Dryer was installed with General Mills Foods in Plymouth, Minnesota. Dryer and components materials of construction include: stainless steel, mild carbon steel, painted steel, and painted insulation over mild steel for ductwork. Package includes: Steam coil duct with two aluminum coils, stainless steel GRC isometric product chamber, General Mills control panel, ReevesŪ MAS 51 drive, New York Blower Company exhaust fan, special structural plate louvers and flights, anti-friction trunnion and thrust rollers with steel supporting bases, carbon steel painted supports and various valves and attachments as pictured in attached PDF.

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