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Cleaver Brooks CB-Packaged Firetube Hot Water Boiler- 60 HP

Cleaver Brooks CB-Packaged Firetube Hot Water Boiler- 60 HP
Mfg: Cleaver Brooks Model: CB200-60
Stock No: 85.D001 Serial No: L-69074
Cleaver Brooks CB-Packaged Firetube Boiler- 60 HP. Model: CB200-60. S/N: L-69074. Input: 2,511,000 BTU/HR. Maximum pressure: 30HW psi. Fuel: Gas-Oil. Burner: 4A natural gas. Oil type: 4A. Oil supply: 0.3 gpm (18 gph). Power supply: 460 V, 7 amps, 60 Hz, 3 phase. Minimum circuit ampacity: 8 amps. Maximum circuit protection 28 amps. Cleaver Brooks Motor, 2 and 1-1/2 hp, 3510/2850 rpm, 200-230/460-190/380 V, 5.8-5.4/2.7-5.0/2.5 amps, 60/50 Hz, 3 phase. A Firetube boiler is a cylindrical vessel, with the flame in the furnace and the combustion gases inside the tubes. The furnace and tubes are within a larger vessel containing the water which is converted to steam or hot water for process applications or hydronic comfort heating. Hot water is commonly used in heating applications with the boiler supplying water to the system at 180 °F to 220 °F. The operating pressure for hot water heating systems usually is 30 psig to 125 psig. Inlets: (2) 5 in. dia. flanged ports. Outlets: (1) 10 in. dia. flanged port, (1) 2 in. dia. NPT fitting (relief valve), (1) 1 in. dia. low water cut off port, (1) 2 in. dia. drain port. Overall dimensions: 10 ft. 10 in. L x 6 ft. 11 in. W x 6 ft. 9 in. H.(H15).

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