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Anderson Machine 18 Head Inline / Rear Discharge Volumetric Filler

Anderson Machine 18 Head Inline / Rear Discharge Volumetric Filler
Mfg: Anderson Model:
Stock No: ENAE58322. Serial No:
Anderson Machine 18 Head Inline / Rear Discharge Volumetric Filler. Stainless steel. Helix style container infeed. The machine would receive a 'slug' of 18 empty containers - an orienting device would index 18 containers under a walking beam filling head (fixed height nozzles, no-dive) and the filled containers would exit the machine directly into a cooling tunnel. Enclosed and heated filling area (previous product needed to be filled hot @ 62 degrees C / 143.6 °F). Filling area was heated with air blown through a steam heated coil. Product Sizing Last running a 1.6oz fill. Current Application Still installed / Deodorant. Overall dimensions 12 ft. L x 6 ft. W x 8 ft. H.(H17).

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