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Actini Agrolactor® Soybean Processor

Actini Agrolactor® Soybean Processor
Mfg: Actini Model: 250
Stock No: HDPT142.60 Serial No: 2679
Actini Agrolactor®. Model 250. Capacity: 250 liters / hr. (66 gallons / hr.) using approximately 35 kg of dried beans. Materials of construction: stainless steel. The Agrolactor® 250 is a complete production plant which allows continuous extraction of milk directly from dry soy beans with the ability of producing a chilled and pasteurized product with consistencies in taste, odor, bacteriological, and dietetic qualities. By-products of production include Okara (soy pulp) which can be recycled into flour for bread or used directly as a feed for animals, and options include flavor incorporation before cooling. Overall dimensions: 7 ft. 6-1/2 in. L. x 4 ft. 7-1/8 in. W. x 5 ft. 10-1/4 in. H.(ACN700).

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