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Pasteurization / Clean Fill Process Control Skid

Pasteurization / Clean Fill Process Control Skid
Mfg: Proflow Model:
Stock No: SIKH192 Serial No: 822997001
ProFlow, Inc. Pasteurization Process Control Skid. Originally configured for a Kraft Elite Clean Fill Process. Serial: 822997001. Job: F82997. Year: 2005. Power requirements: 480VAC, 3-phase, 60 Hz, 7.3 FLAm 100kA SCCR. PID controls for ozonation, composite pump, DSI valve, back pressure, dilution water inner/outer, finished product flow, product cooler. Includes control panel, Yokogawa EXAxt450, Polestar DSP 3000 Optical Process Monitor, Fisher control valve, Spirax Sarco Control Valve, SS strainer, Waukesha Cherry-Burrell model 006 positive displacement pump, ACM Laser Refractometer, WCB control valves, K-Patents Process PR-23 Refractometer, Rosemount flowmeter, etc. Overall dimensions: 5 ft. x 4.5 ft. x 7 ft. 7 in. high.

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 Genemco Sells Used Cherry-Burrell, APV, Stork, Hisaka HTST Systems Skids, Tubular HTST Skids and HTST Pasteurizer Systems.