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 Genemco Sells Used HTST Systems Skids, Tubular HTST Skids and HTST Pasteurizer Systems. 

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Mfg: APV Model: SR6GLM
Stock No: NEAF003. Serial No: 25059
APV SR6 HTST. Model: SR6GLM. S/N: 25059. Number of plates: 51. Heat transfer surface area: approx. 325.125 sq. ft. Hot water centrifugal pump with motor. Danfoss Magflo Flowmeter System, Model: MAG1100 Food, S/N: 141702T280, size DN: 50, fluid temperature: -20 to 150 °C, lining: ceramic, power supply: 115/230 Vac, 50-60 Hz. Fisher Valve Actuator, Type: 667, S/N: CN 841808, size: 34, travel: 3/4 in., operating range: 3-15 psi, rating: 250/100 °F, plug: 316SS, stem: 316SS, seat: 316SS, body: bronze. 1990 Wessels Co. Pressure Tank- 10 Gallon, MAWP: 150 psi @ 450 °F, MDMT: -20 °F @ 150 psi. Inlets: (1) 1-1/2 in. dia. NPT, (2) 2-1/2 in. dia. S-line, (1) 4 in. dia. S-line. Outlets: (1) 1-1/4 in. dia. bevel with hex, (3) 2-1/2 in. dia. S-line, (1) 3 in. dia. S-line, (1) 4 in. dia. S-line. Overall dimensions: 98 in. L x 72 in. W x 95 in. H.

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 Genemco Sells Used Cherry-Burrell, APV, Stork, Hisaka HTST Systems Skids, Tubular HTST Skids and HTST Pasteurizer Systems.