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Unused 2007 WCB Ice Cream Ingredient Feeding Machine

Unused 2007 WCB Ice Cream Ingredient Feeding Machine
Mfg: Waukesha Cherry-Burrell Model: FF-LAB
Stock No: SIKH130 Serial No: 17
Unused WCB Ice Cream Machine. Model: FF-LAB. Serial No.: 17. Year: 2007. Denmark. Power: 2x220V. Drawing D67724. Controls (on/off): main power, feeder, vibrator, pump, blender. Variable controls: feeder, vibrator, pump. Features a NEMO pump for syrup feeding. ACME transformer: 50/60 Hz, 480V-240V-120V. Designed to add dry ingredients and ripple sauces into ice cream. Capacity: 18-100 liters per hour ice cream. Condition appears to be unused. Overall dimensions: 36 in. L x 40 in. W x 62 in. H.

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