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FES / Dunham-Bush Dual Screw Compressor Package - 200HP & 150HP

FES / Dunham-Bush Dual Screw Compressor Package - 200HP & 150HP
Mfg: FES / Dunham-Bush Model: 2512 / 2515
Stock No: RPCA1346.100 Serial No: 73B/004B / 73E-0158
FES / Dunham-Bush Dual Screw Compressor Package. (1st compressor) Model 2512. S/N: 73B/004B. Type: X860. Attached to Toshiba motor. 200 hp, 230/460 V, 470/235 A, 3540 rpm. (2nd compressor) Model: X997. S/N: 73E-0158. Type: 2515. Attached to Toshiba motor. 150 hp, 230/460 V, 572/286 A, 3535 rpm. E.L. Nickel Co. Tank. SN: C-1242. 250 psi MAWP. 650ºF max temp. -20ºF min temp. 1974. Micro III controls.

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