Genemco Sells Used Gaulin Size 3 Painted Frame Homogenizers, Manton Gaulin 
 Used Gaulin and Manton Gaulin Size 3 Painted Frame Homogenizers 

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Manton-Gaulin Size 3 Homogenizer - 3,000 PSI

Manton-Gaulin Size 3 Homogenizer - 3,000 PSI
Mfg: Gaulin Model: 200 HP KL3 3BS
Stock No: SIKH006 Serial No: 125565975
Manton Gaulin Homogenizer. Model: 200 HP KL3 3BS. S/N: 125565975. Two stage homogenizing valve. Max flowrate: 200 GPH. Max pressure: 3,000 PSI. The bottom of the block has these stamps: 5897, 91255, 125K127S, CR304. US Motors Varidrive Motor: 7.5 HP, 220/440V, 3-phase, 60 Hz, 104-775 RPM. Overall dimensions: 6 ft. L x 3.5 ft. W x 4 ft 8 in. H.

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 Genemco Sells Used Gaulin Size 3 Painted Frame Homogenizers