Used Ammonia Rotary Screw Compressors - FES, Mycom, FES/Mycom, Frick, Frick/York, Howden, Reco/Howden, Vilter, Fuller, and Sullair 
 Genemco Sells Used Ammonia Rotary Screw Compressors Manufactured by FES, Mycom, Frick, Howden, Reco/Howden 

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Genemco Ammonia Compressor Inventory

Genemco Ammonia Compressor Inventory
Mfg: Genemco, Inc. Model:
Stock No: GEN15 Serial No:
Genemco has one of the world's largest rotary screw compressor inventory for the ammonia refrigeration industry. We stock compressors ranging from 75 HP to 1200 HP, 460V or 4160V, used condition, and surplus unused condition. Please contact us to for your compressor needs.

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 Used Ammonia Rotary Srew Compressors by FES, Mycom, FES/Mycom, Frick, Frick/York, Vilter, Fuller, Sullair, Howden, Reco and Reco/Howden.